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Shelter & Association Support

I offer pro bono support to shelters and foster-based associations for pre-adoption and post-adoption support. 

If you run a rescue organisation and you would like support for fearful, frustrated, anxious or challenging dogs, please get in touch. 

I am certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants in shelter dog behaviour and I’ve been working within a shelter milieu since 2014. I was a trustee in a large open-access shelter in France for six years. 

Support for guardians

If you are looking for one-to-one support as an owner, I work with dogs who have BIG feelings about the world.

Most of my cases are vet referrals following a bite incident but I also work with clients who want to avoid that situation completely. 

Since 2016, I have been supporting guardians in this capacity. Fearful, anxious, frustrated and impulsive behaviour is my speciality. Behaviours that we might class as ‘aggressive’ or ‘reactive’ make up the majority of my workload. 

Support for trainers and behaviourists

I qualified to teach in 1995 and have been providing education services for adults since 2000. No venue is too big or too small: I’ve trained in tiny venues with 3 people and at the Etihad stadium with a crowd of over a thousand. 

Since 2020, I’ve been writing and delivering Ofqual Level 5 and Level 6 courses to trainers and budding behaviour consultants. 

I am happy to deliver individualised support for cases as well as general CPD. I have delivered CPD for a range of membership bodies across the world.

Course content and written materials

I have been a professional published writer since 2001, working for a range of different publishers including Pearson Longman and international government departments. 

In the last twenty years, I’ve been asked to contribute articles to professional journals and chapters in academic textbooks. I’ve also worked with social media industry leaders on digital content. I’m happy to work within editorial teams or to work independently under contract. 


Please get in touch if you have any specific projects that you would like to discuss

Canine Behaviour Assessment

Initial Consultation 

from £65 for initial assessment

  • For owners & caregivers
  • In-depth pre-consultation assessment form
  • Full screening for frustration and impulsivity
  • 60-90 minute online intake interview
  • Individualised, bespoke action plan created WITH you to meet YOUR needs
  • Clear video and written support for training to support the way YOU learn
  • Liaison with veterinary staff
  • Flexible support from £40 for follow-up sessions
  • Initial assessment & 5-session support for £265

Course Delivery 

Online & In Person

from £100 per hour

  • 1-hr web-based course including slides and notes from £150 including Q&A
  • Half-day in-person course including slides and notes from £600 excl. travel
  • Full-day in-person course including slides and notes from £1500 excl. travel
  • All courses guaranteed to meet YOUR objectives
  • Courses for owners & caregivers
  • Specialist courses on cultural, sociological and philosophical issues relating to animal lives also available for Level 7
  • Courses for volunteers & shelter workers

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