Downloads & Courses

Revolutionise Your Dog Training

3-hour self-study course

Paws-itive Choices

Many of our working breeds can struggle as a result of their quick thinking, often making life much more challenging.

This 3h webinar covers different facets of impulsive behaviour and choice-making to help you support your dog.

Learn about risk insensitivity, frustration and behaviours that seem to come out of the blue. 

3-Hour self-study course

Resilience Roadmap

This three-hour webinar accompanies the free download. In it, we explore how best to help our dogs learn resilience.

In teaching our dogs the key skills involved in emotion regulation, we can increase their well-being beyond measure.

Working systematically and flexibly to support our dogs makes all the difference.

5-hour self-study course

The Lighten Up Toolbox

This five-hour course covers forty-two foundation skills for building resilience with dogs to help them move from reactive to adaptive.

While it would be lovely if our dogs could simply ‘get over things’ through careful exposure to their triggers, the reality is that they are often trapped. 

In this practical course, you will learn the skills that help dogs move to healthy habits

5-hour self-study course

Effective Safety Cues

Exposure techniques are most frequently used with dogs who are anxious or phobic to help them overcome their fears. 

Often, these can be challenging to implement and prone to failure when the dog still feels unsafe around their triggers. 

In this 5-hour course, you’ll make the most of currect best practice when it comes to safety learning.

free download

Understanding Reactivity

Understanding why our dogs are barking and lunging on the lead is the first step to helping our dogs cope better in the world.

This free e-book will help you make sense of your dog’s individual profile so you can find efficient solutions.

Covering ten key elements that can cause your dog to struggle with the world, you’ll get a solid picture of what’s going on. 


The Resilience Roadmap

We often think of resilience as something our dogs either have or they do not. In fact, resilience skills can also be learned. 

In reality, resilience is a spectrum of skills. Knowing how to equip our dogs with these skills makes all the difference.

The Resilience Roadmap is a step-by-step guide to help you and your dog move from reactive behaviour to adaptive behaviour. 

6 self-paced modules

Mayhem to Maestro

Having a dog who struggles with frustration the moment they see another dog going by is no picnic.

In this short, self-paced course, you’ll learn all the essentials to help your dog manage their feelings out on walks.

This course is ideal for both owners and dog trainers, helping you understand how to help your dog relax around others. 

6 self-paced modules

Frustration Masterclass

Frustration is the most overlooked factor behind many maladaptive canine behaviours.

In this 6-module course for canine professionals, we unpick everything you ever wanted to know about frustration.

The course runs annually from the first week in September. The modules are spread over 12 weeks for you to study at your own pace. 


Client-Centred Dog Training 

Ever felt like you know how to train dogs but you’re missing out on key skills on training people? Are your clients testing your patience with their weird and idiosyncratic ways? Do you wish the humans were as easy to train as their companions?

Client-Centred Dog Training takes you through 30 exercises that will not only sharpen your business acumen, but also give you winning results with behaviour change. Learn how to make your work with clients even more successful, rigorous and robust.